Carleton University

Communications & Media Studies

Client: Carleton University
Year: 2017

"A New Approach To Student Recruitment

Students today face a difficult choice when choosing a school: location, cost, grades—all of these factors come into play. Carleton’s School of Communications and Media Studies wanted to elevate the conversation. How could they talk to potential students about what really matters to them? What could they offer that no else could?


So, instead of telling the usual first-person stories about why a student chose a particular school, we took things a step further—literally. We wanted to give potential students a sneak preview of how their lives might play out with a B.CoMS degree, so we went beyond graduation and featured the amazing life experiences and career accomplishments of real-life Carleton Comms alumni—and we told these true stories in the common language of our era: social media."

-Jared Young (Creative Director)

Design, Animation.